Moonlik est un artiste Belge largement influencé par les premières heures des soirées électroniques dont il a gardé un amour inconditionnel de la House. Après des années de triturage de machines en autodidacte, il fait paraitre un premier album en 2009 intitulé « Midnight » avec le soutien d’un label allemand et fait également sa place sur des compilations bien relayées. Sa musique se veut à l’image de sa culture musicale, très teintée pour le coté planant du dub, du jazz et de l’ambient, mixée avec finesse pour créer un univers électronique feutré et entrainant. Sa rencontre avec Good Citizen Factory apporte au label un nouvel univers à partager avec toujours comme colonne vertébrale cet amour inconditionnel de la musique.

« My deep sensibility and this urgent need to express it might be due to my sweet and romantic childhood, a boyhood not only shrouded in music but also in the luscious smells coming from the kitchen, where my mum used to hum some Edith Piaf’s or Jacques Brel’s songs.

I also remember my sister mimicking the 1970s rockstars, a hairbrush in her hand, or my brother’s lyrical comments on the eraly 1980s New Wave or Cold Wave bands such as Joy Division or The Cure. Then, I came of age, got my driving licence and my first car just as house music and techno music were emerging. In those days , there were lots of nightclubs in Belgium, just across the boarder, and their DJs played very groovy, electronic dance music, so I took to spending nights in those clubs, my blood literally getting  contaminated by electronic music little by little. The discovery of new , different sounds made me realize how important electronic music was for me. These moments of pure joy , renewed again and again,were unknown pleasures to me. All this explains why, since the early 90s, I’ve been spendin’ all my spare time listening to electronic music, looking for rarities in music shops or on the internet, buying hundreds of vinyls on flea-markets. »

I had to find a way to let this inner volcano erupt, so I bought a computer and a sampler and that was the beginning of an addiction which will never leave me, I think. It’s a bit like falling in love, you feel over the moon, invincible, and you are ready to devote your entire life to that love, coz you believe in it.»

Premier album chez Good Citizen Factory; « Behind the Stars »
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