James Eagalwulf

James Eagalwulf est un rappeur résidant à Londres, né en 1987. Auteur de poêmes, chanteur, rappeur, compositeur, bidouilleur graphique et volcan creatif, il a déjà a son actif une foule de collaborations diverses dans des styles trés variés, du hip-hop pur et dur à l’ambient, en passant par le spoken words, la jungle ou le métal.Sa route a croisé celle de nombreux artistes americains, allemand, anglais ou français, dont Doz1jeE et Cyesm. Il nous a semblé évident que James devait faire partie plus formellement de l’aventure Good Citizen Factory, car son engagement artistique est aussi évident que son talent d’écriture et d’interprëtation.

Au travers d’un premier projet signé avec Doz1jeE, James nous ouvre les portes grinçante d’un univers sombre et inquiétant, mais dont il maïtrise les moindres recoins. Il est ici, et il faudra le suivre. La route sera sans doute pavée de surprises…

« I smiled into a murky mirror and saw a calamity frowning back. It was a representation of my emotional wounds and scars, but also a sign of the bitter reality that is my broken world. I was staring into my divided soul, loving and hateful, breathing within an obscure and contorted shell – so fragile, yet still unable to shatter despite every fall. There was a hidden beauty, isolated within a state of trauma, peering remarkably through the darkness. I came to realise my endless woe was like a black-winged angel, securing me and supplying me with triumphant qualities, but in doing so it encased me within a pitch-black nightmare. For some, I could make the darkness beautiful through broken silence and a wave of self-expression. However, my own perspective was further becoming cloudy and my tainted reflection was bonding with my face. An eventual smile for animosity was proving real as my emotions and identities collided. It was unscripted insanity, though normality is generally far from stable and sane. The calamity that was once my reflection was becoming something touchable, coursing through my tattered veins and speaking through my lips. The agony was becoming wholesome and admirable, shaping my masochistic being to defeat my isolation and numerous disorders. A child of misery, I finally realised my fight with torment was one I could never win, for it was in fact, all along, my suffering that would ever ensure my victory within a weeping world. If ever I am to smile without finding a calamity smiling back, I am no longer a man with words to express and it is at that point, as a writer, that I would become nothing more than useless and hopelessly lifeless – a pitiful failure in the mouth of shapeless dust.
I am James Eagalwulf, a philosophical Agnostic and self-expressive writer from London, UK, born in Southeast London in 1987. I am an advocate of intricate and expressive material and do the best I can to share this through my work. »

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